Vending Machine Hire from Uptons Refreshment Systems

Vending Machine Hire from Uptons Refreshment Systems

The best way to ensure your employees have easy access to food and drink, is to hire a selection of vending machines which offer a wide range of popular brands most consumed in the UK. A well fed and hydrated worker is more alert, efficient and effective, so it can have a positive impact on team morale and production, so vending machines provide more to your business than just nourishment on the go.

Uptons Refreshment Systems have been providing vending machine hire and maintenance since 1969, so it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two, when it comes to delivering excellence in this particular field. After all, this company would not have been around for this long, unless they are doing something right, don’t you agree?

Besides offering the usual types of vending machines that offer hot drinks, cold drinks, chilled water, food, sandwiches, snacks and confectionery, they have also taken their role in this industry to the next level, by offering bespoke vending machines for clients who want to create their own shapes and sizes, along with using their own company brand colors and logo.

What is at the forefront of Uptons Refreshment Systems success is their level of customer service. Having support from a team of vending machine specialists really makes the difference, as your machines will need to be maintained and re-stocked on regular intervals, so by having the team at Uptons deliver your vending machine solutions, you have the best in the business at your disposal.

Along with providing a full range of vending machines, Uptons Refreshment Systems also provide Wholesale Coffee, Coffee Beans, Tea, Sugars, Hot Chocolate, Stirrers, Milk Powders, Creamers, Disposable Coffee Cups and more to Restaurants, Cafes, Public houses and Hotels.

No matter what your specific vending machine requirements are, maybe you have a small office and want to provide a water cooler, or maybe you run a large factory and want a range of systems installed when the cafeteria is closed, Uptons Refreshment Systems has the knowledge, expertise and solutions to make it happen.